The World as I See It: An Exploration

I have always loved teaching and sharing what I know with others. I started teaching very young and continue in both a formal and informal basis. This website is an opportunity for me to share what I know with my students, friends and others. This isn’t meant to replace my professional website which lists my academic activities and achievements. Rather it is intended to be a more personal site where I can talk about my other activities, including my work with the local Unitarian Universalist congregation, my cohousing community, my computer software experiences, my research and my teaching as well as my opinions about the state of the world. I’ve also become active in the Prescott Area Wildland/Urban Interface Commission (PAWUIC) an exciting group of local agencies and community dedicated to the prevention of wild fires in the Prescott area. We’ll be sponsoring our WildFire Expo every April in conjunction with the Open Space Alliance Earth Day celebration.

The Musings blog is designed to help students and other become more successful in their learning endeavors. In it I share my thoughts on techniques for becoming more successful and research I’ve found about how to be a more successful learner. Many of the posts are focused on learning in the classroom, both face to face and online, but many will also be helpful for informal learners. I am also interested in how memory works especially as we age and our cognitive abilities change so this blog will include my thoughts about memory and cognition. I’ll also blog about other events I’m involved with and once in a while my opinions on the state of the universe.

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If you have questions about Santeria/Lukumi/Orisha religion, please review my FAQ page before contacting me.

Looking for bibliographic information? Check out my African Religions in the Americas Reading List.

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I have moved my latest book, Samsara: A Story of the Bardo, to beta-reader status. Check out Part 1 at WattPad: and let me know what you think.

Lecture Schedule


April 30, 2017 Service at the Granite Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation, “Making of a Unitarian Universalist”

Unitarian Universalists are often asked what is it that UUs believe. This is not really the right question. As in many other traditions what makes one a UU is not what one believes but what one does. Using the Afro-Cuban religion of Santeria as a model, Mary Ann Clark will explore the idea that being a UU is more a matter of praxis (practice) than doxis (belief).

Spring 2017

REL-201 Comparative Religion at Yavapai College, CRN #10375 (face-to-face) and CRN #10376 (online).

Fall 2016

REL-201 Comparative Religion at Yavapai College, CRN #30336 (face-to-face) and CRN #30337 (online).

Summer 2016

June 12 Service at Prescott Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, “Then Why Not Every Man? How Americans Developed a More African Way of Looking at God and Salvation”

June 29 presentation to federal prison chaplains at National Correctional Academy on Santeria and its sister traditions.

Spring 2016

REL-201 Comparative Religion at Yavapai College, CRN #12453 (face-to-face) and CRN #12454 (online).

Fall 2015

REL-201 Comparative Religion at Yavapai College, CRN #39397 (face-to-face) and CRN #39398 (online).

Summer 2015

July 2015 Services at Granite Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation, “On the Nature of Things: The Meaning of Lucretius’s Poem for Contemporary Unitarian Universalists”

I was interviewed by Dr. Glenville Ashby for The Gleaner, Jamaica, West Indies “Santeria: The Misunderstood Afro-Cuban Religion.”

Spring 2015

REL-201 Comparative Religion at Yavapai College, CRN #10551 (face-to-face) and CRN #10552 (online).