Favorite Apps: OverDrive

I’m adding a new feature to my blog–Favorite apps. I’m somewhat of a computer nerd, in a little old lady kind of way and many of my friends ask my advice especially about using their iPhone, iPad, or other Apple computer. There are lots of sites out there with view and reviews of all the latest software (but many of my less nerdy friends aren’t going to wade through all of them looking for the gems that might make their technological lives better). So my suggestions will be curated especially for them.
Many of my suggestions will be cross platform but since I’m an Apple-products kind of gal there won’t be much Windows/Android/Kindle/Nook-specialized suggestions.

Today’s favorite app is Overdrive Media Console: http://overdrive.com/software/omc/. This software is used by many/most/all public libraries to access their audio and ebook collections. (Some libraries also support Kindles through Amazon’s own software.) If you’ve been buying books you don’t really want to add to your permanent collection, it’s time to get back to your local library. Check out OverDrive and let me know what you think in the comments.


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