Favorite Apps: Toodledo

Last week I talked about the built-in Reminders app on the iPhone/iPod/iPad. Reminders is a simple checklist that works well for many people. However Reminders has many limitations. If you need something more robust to manage your life, I would suggest looking at Toodledo. This is one of the few apps I’ve actually paid for (preferring whenever possible to use free apps). I’ve even upgraded to the Pro version.

The web-based version and widgets and gadgets for your computer are free while the iPhone/iPad/iPod version is $2.99. There is also a Pro version, $14.95 per year and a Pro-Plus version for $29.95/year and versions for other smart phones. Before spending your money you might want to explore the web/computer versions.

Toodledo lets you set up a full Getting Things Done (GTD) system complete with contexts, projects, tags, repeating tasks, reminders, etc. It also has a Notebooks feature where you can include reference material about a project, a goal-setting feature and the ability to share lists or folders (projects). You can review your tasks by due-date, folder, context, status or in a calendar view. The Pro and Pro-Plus version have even more options. I upgraded to Pro especially to get access to the sub-task feature. When I first started using this app I set up a folder (project) for each project or committee I was working on. However, many times I wished I could divide some tasks into sub-tasks. The Pro version lets me do that.

It’s easy to organize your folders, contexts, goals, alphabetically or manually. It also has a Location feature that will notify you, if you have a location-aware phone (similar to the Location feature of Reminders.) You have many more options for notifications with Toodledo than with Reminders, including multiple alarms and very flexible repeats.  If you want the app will send you an email alarm from “now” to unto 30 days before the due date/time. You can also send new To Do’s to Toodledo by email.

Although your lists are on each device, they seamlessly sync between devices (when you’re on WiFi) so it’s easy to move between the web, your desktop/laptop, and phone or iPad versions easily. There are versions for most devices as well as links to Twitter and Facebook and a variety of Import/Export tools. If you have a Pro-Plus subscription you can attach unto 5 GB of files to tasks.

Although terribly useful and full-functioned the user interface isn’t as pretty as many other apps on the market and if looks is important to you might might want to consider something else. However for robust functionally I’ve found Toodledo to be the best. Every time I look at something else it seems to be missing some function that I’ve become use to with Toodledo.

Do you use a To Do app? What do you like/dislike about it? Let us know in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Favorite Apps: Toodledo

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    1. DrMaryAnn Post author

      There are many applications for implementing GTD and I would encourage readers to investigate what works best for them. I like ToodleDo and have found its working better and better for me as the software is regularly updated. YMMV.


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