750words: A Writer’s Tool

Pterodactyl Badge

Last August I talked the website 750word.com an excellent (and free) resource for writers that encourages its members to right at least 750 words every day. Since that time using the discipline I developed with this site I’ve been able to not only be a winner in the 2012 National Novel Writers Month (NaNoWriMo) but also have written every day for 216 days–that’s a pterodactyl! (Did I say the site awards badges for consistent writing?)

Several months ago, Buster, the site owner, announced that because of changes in his life he was going to have to change the site to a payment site ($5/mo, not much really). Today I read that he’s extended the deadline for the change over until May 1, 2013 and that existing members will be given lifetime free accounts. (There is also a possibility for some scholarship accounts after 5/1). This is an excellent site that offers a simple service for writer and I encourage my writing friends to check it out and consider becoming members.

Your muse will thank you!


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