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Help Design the Next Tale from the Bardo

I’m thinking about writing a a new “tale from the Bardo” and would like your help making some decisions.

As the writer, I’ve always thought The Baron’s Box only explored a small portion of the huge place that is the Bardo. So, in thinking about the next story, I don’t feel constrained to include any portion of the locations, secondary characters, or other elements in the first story.

However you, as the reader, may have certain expectations and I was hoping you could share them with me.

Here are some of the things I’m thinking about. Please put your thoughts in the comments and feel free to engage with each other.


  • Do you think opening and closing with water is important?
  • Are there any other locations you’d like me to explore further, for example,
    • The Empyrean, including the Pavilion
    • The Baron’s Palace
    • The Nether Realm
    • Kore’s Temple
    • Or would you like the next story to be in a completely different location?


  • Would you like one or more  of these secondary characters included in the next story?
    • Aurora
    • Sigrún, the Valkyrie
    • Ankou
    • Volos
    • The Baron,
    • Anubis
    • Wolf and his pack
    • The lost souls in the Nether Realm
    • Neti
    • Ereshkigal
    • Kore
    • Someone else you’d like to know more about
  • I envision the next story will have additional souls, perhaps a group of five. Should I keep the convention that everyone is named “Sam” or “Sara” or chose another naming convention?
  • All the souls in The Baron’s Box were young, white people — nothing like they were when alive. Do you think other parts of the Bardo should have more diversity?


  • Rebirth/Return was an essential feature of The Baron’s Box that surprised many readers. Should that theme continue into the next story or would it be distracting if you already “knew” that’s how the story will end?