The Baron’s Box: Stories from the Bardo

For the 2015 National Novel Writers Month I drafted a completely new work originally titled 
Samsara now The Baron’s Box: A Story from the Bardo. I’ve been working on that in the hopes I can self-publish it soon. You can follow my progress here.

The Baron’s Box has been published and is available on and other sites. If you want to be notified of book signings and other events, sign up to join my fans at Dr Mary Ann’s Academy.

Force of Destiny/The Third Way

For the 2016 National Novel Writers Month I drafted The Seventh Sister. This is the back story for Marne, one of the main characters in the Force of Destiny universe. It began as  a re-telling of the story of the Seventh Samurai and The Magnificent Seven with female protagonists. How would the basic story change if the group of villagers determined to combat bandits are market women and artisans? 

I’ve re-named this book The Third Way and hope to publish it in time for Christmas. Click on the link above to read a portion I presented to my friends at Manzanita Village.

Force of Destiny/Cyborg Challenge

My current passion is an Afro-Futuristic novel. The original manuscript, Force of Destiny, explores the interactions between two cultures in the Arizona highlands of the future. Part one is still available in Wattpad.

In 2015 I began a major revision in an attempt to explore ideas about the future of artificial intelligence (AI) within the context of the characters and cultures of Force of Destiny. This new manuscript is tentatively title Cyborg Challenge.

Force of Destiny/ The Hybrid

For the 2017 National Novel Writers Month, I drafted The Hybrid, the story of April Marshall who, after a prognosis of early-onset non-Alzheimer’s dementia, is invited to participate in a study that offers the possibility of delaying or reversing her decline through the implantation of an artificial intelligence device. Of course, all is not what it seems and April’s device is more than she expected.

Colleen’s Story

My 2013 National Novel Writers Month experiment, Colleen’s Story, was precipitated by my sister and my search for our mother’s birth mother. As it turns out most of what we thought we knew about my mother’s birth parents was wrong. However, the story, based life in the early 1920s, has been fun to work on and may eventually be published.