The Baron’s Box: A Story of the Bardo

When I woke up on that shallow boat, I didn’t remember who I was or where I had been. Eventually, I discovered that I wasn’t lost and I hadn’t been kidnapped. I was dead.

But this afterlife is not what I expected. The Empyrean with its Guardians and that

vile workshop full of moaning people isn’t heaven. And the Nether Realm, full of wild animals, that dreadful wolf-headed Guardian and his lost souls, isn’t hell. They call this the Bardo. But I don’t know what that means.

Remember, Release, Return is the motto of the Bardo but I remember nothing. I have nothing but a body I don’t recognize and a name that doesn’t sound familiar. Besides, isn’t death a one-way journey? How can I return to my previous life?

My only hope is to join with my companion, the one they call Sam, to complete The Baron Samedi’s mission to deliver a coffin-shaped box to Kore, the Queen of the Dead. And then, and then …

In this imaginative debut novella, Mary Ann Clark invites us to follow the newly dead Sara on her journey through the afterlife. Will she remember enough of her former life to understand why she and her companion, Sam, have been thrown together? Will they be able to release the emotions of their lives and tragic deaths? Can they meet the challenges of the Bardo and fulfill their promises to each other?

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Thank you Heidi Thomas for your fine editing.

I’ve been talking to Mariah Sinclair about the cover art. Watch this space to see it first!

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